Niner Esports is excited to hold various events throughout the school year that engage our community and foster a love of gaming and esports among college students.

Union LAN Parties

Our LAN events have historically drawn the attendance of 200-300 students and non-students who have a passion for gaming. The Union LAN Parties (ULPs) are a place for people to bring the systems they use every day, play with their friends, and even meet new people.

At these events, Niner Esports conducts tournaments and playoffs with the help of our various esports teams. These include everything from Rainbow Six 2v2 Hostage Tournaments to League of Legends Kahoot matches.

Community Events

Community events are centered around less popular games and/or games that our community expresses interest in.

These include community game nights, where people play anything from Cards Against Humanity to Jackbox Party Packs. We also hold various minor tournaments including our recent Fighting Chance event where we combined fighting games, such as Guilty Gear, with a scavenger hunt.